Lecturer: Dr. Roberto Colombo

Laurea di primo livello in Scienze e Tecnologie per l’Ambiente. Course code: E3201Q091

The aim of the course is to provide essential information on the Earth Physic and the main geophysical prospection techniques. The course deals with aspects related to the use of geophysical methods for the characterization of shallow subsurface structure:

Gravity and the figure of the Earth.  Geomagetism and magnetic surveying.  Thermal properties of the Earth. Seismology and reflection and refraction methods. Geoelectrical survey. The ground penetrating radar method. GPS introduction. Remote sensing and field spectroscopy.

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Lecturer: Dr. Micol Rossini

Laurea Magistrale in Scienze e Tecnologie per l’Ambiente e il Territorio. Course code: F7501Q059

The aim of the course is to provide expertise in remote sensing applied to environmental studies. The course is organised in a theoretical section and a practical laboratory section.

Measurements of reflected and emitted radiance and spectral behavior of natural surfaces. The concept of resolution and remote measuring instruments. Digital images and statistical exploration. Major space missions. Field measurements of environmental parameters and spectral measurements of calibration / validation. Pre-processing techniques. Radiometric distortion, atmospheric correction and calculation of the reflectivity. Techniques for processing and generation of thematic maps. Land use and land cover classification with automatic techniques. Estimation of biophysical and biochemical vegetation parameters. Phenological cycle of vegetation and climate change. Contribution of remote sensing to the carbon balance. Estimation of soils parameter by hyperspectral data. Remote sensing of snowpack. Indicators of water quality. Proximal remote sensing techniques.

lessons and teaching materials: e-learning




Lecturer: Dr. Roberto Colombo, Dr. Micol Rossini, Dr. Barbara Del Monte, Prof. Tullia Bonomi

Laurea di primo livello in Scienze e Tecnologie per l’Ambiente.

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